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Expand Your Inspection Capabilities - No Limits! 

With images from practically any angle, and with an enormous magnification range, the ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000 was designed to meet every benchtop visual inspection need. The ERSASCOPE cross-sectional scope (90o angle of view) is complemented by the MAGNISCOPE look-down scope (0o angle) with up to 350x magnification.

ImageDoc Processing & Measurement Software: Setting new standards for quality assurance management!
  • BGA, SMT and PTH solder joints
  • Component co-planarity before soldering
  • Solder paste deposition
  • Stencil thickness
  • Via-hole diameter and cleanliness
  • Adhesive dots
  • Thick film depositon
  • Conformal coating thickness
  • Wire bonding

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