...About the WaveRoom Plus

Small enough to suit your needs, but growing fast enough to keep up!
The WaveRoom Plus is a small company: small, but growing. And although we've only been around for eight years, the combined experience in our office adds up to over forty years in the Electronics Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Industry. When you call the WaveRoom Plus, you know you're talking to someone who understands your needs...and your problems. We offer you not only solutions: we offer savings, satisfaction and value as well.

Cost Saving Alternatives
At the WaveRoom Plus, we're not satisfied with offering just the best products currently on the market. We scan the globe seeking new top quality products--at fantastic prices. We call these lines that we've developed our "Cost Saving Alternatives". Where else can you find a top quality set of electronics cutters that's 100% comparable to Lindstrom--at a savings of 15-40% a pair? Where else can you find high quality adhesives and epoxies to replace your Loctite® products--at a savings of 20-50%? Contact us with a list of products you'd like to cut costs on and we'll give you Cost Savings Alternatives.

Incredible, State-of-the-Art Products
The WaveRoom Plus offers some of the hottest products available right now. Like the ERSA Microcon 60iA: a PC-controlled soldering/desoldering/rework station that outperforms Metcal and costs less! Or ERSA's IR-500A SMART IR Rework station. Or Static Solutions's Ohm-Stat® RT-1000 Megohmeter: effectively measures resistivity, temperature and humidity. And many, many more. From quick-change tip tweezers to the most advanced solder paste technology, let the WaveRoom Plus be your source.

When You're Ready
for a company that can provide the attention and care that only a smaller company can offer--and the technical experience and know-how that few companies can offer--we'll be here. Call us. (603) 437-4651.

The WaveRoom Plus--Supplier to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.
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